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Oculus Home Textures Missing?

Level 2

Hello, for the past couple months my Oculus software had a pending update that would not download despite me having more than sufficient enough space on my drive. After repairing the software with the built in repair tool my Oculus home as well as any other home I visit are missing textures and the problem has yet to resolve itself. I've tried repairing multiple times to no avail. I contacted customer support and they were not helpful, only saying to repair my software again. I thought I could try and clean wipe of the app and a fresh install, but I am worried if I will lose my Oculus Home that I spent days working on. Not sure if it is saved online to a cloud but customer support made it seem as if it would disappear. Has anyone else experienced this or found a fix? *See pictures below*OculusScreenshot1615509379.jpegOculusScreenshot1615509396.jpeg