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Oculus Rift HDMI not detected.

Level 2
Probably one of the most frequent issues that appear in the forums when referring to the Rift CV1 Headset . . . there is not an HDMI connection or the Oculus App fails to recognize the HDMI cable is connected. This is most likely a unique case. 

Recently (within the last couple weeks) I bought a graphics card (an additional RX 480) with the hope of running them together as one. Little did I know (or my lack of research) that most games as well as Oculus VR do not support multi-GPU programs such as Crossfire. When I enabled Crossfire, my computer actually became slower (it was disabled shortly after). After I solved all my issues with that mess, I realized that my Oculus Rift did not have a HDMI connection. And the hell-show begins. 

I tried all of the listed solutions: 
*Simply disconnecting the headset (HDMI and USB 3.0 ports) and reconnecting them. I even switched the ports to see if it was a failed HDMI/USB port. I did this with and without a display port adapter. 
*I restarted the app and the computer multiple times after making changes to software and hardware. 
*I made sure that all of my graphics and oculus drivers were up to date.
*I made sure that my Windows OS is up to date. 
*I uninstalled the Oculus App along with any app data and reinstalled it. 
* And I bought a new graphics card (with updated drivers) MSI Radeon RX 5600 XT

The only other clues that I can give is that my oculus headset shows up as a second display in the windows settings and as a monitor in the device manager tab. 
So whenever I put on my headset with or without the oculus app running, it displays as a monitor, so I could drag tabs over the the left/right and they would appear on my oculus

I have created a support ticket with the oculus support team, but it seems not to be going too far, so I was seeing if anyone in the forum may have any ideas while I wait on the team's response. 

 headset. c6qzxbwtfhmv.png02pywi5a9b8w.pngxnmkiwc9m8hq.png

Level 3

Hey i just wrote out a lengthy reply. Went to post it and Oculus asked if I wanted to login, naturally. Then my post disappeared. I'm having a VERY hard time with Oculus right now it seems. I basically said, Rift cable is probably **bleep**ed, it just happens. C3ord Cables are being made very soon, check them out, might be a fix for many of us, might not be also because Oculus be like:

"Rift... hmm rift I remember that name... Yes! Riii...fff...QUEST yes that's it, I only remember the word as QUEST yes Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have further concerns! Have a great day ❤️ <3"

I have this *exact* same problem. I am going through beat saber withdrawals. Any way to fix this?

Level 2

is there no information as to how to fix this?


Level 2

So facebook no support, how can we look happy like the person on top? 


Level 5

have the same issue no hdmi signal detected - but i plugged it in my friend pc new build and it works fine - i have i5 4670 and 980ti and no signal looks like it doest like older hardware now...

Level 2

i'm using a abs battlestation 16 gig ram, nvidia rtx 3060, and it was working then it stopped, now it isn't reading hdmi