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Oculus Rift S Windows 10 Blue Screen Crash WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR Within Seconds

Level 2





ASUS ROG Strix B550-I mainboard

750 W PSU

AMD Ryzen 9 3900 XT 12-core CPU - No overclock

Gigabyte Nvidia RTX 3070 GPU - No overclock

32 GB DDR4 3200 Mhz RAM - Memtest passed fine after a five hours

Soundblaster X3 external sound


I just received my replacement Oculus Rift S. The previous one worked fine until it broke and it took Oculus over 2.5 months to send me a replacement.


Unfortunately, the replacement Oculus Rift S does not work for me.


I can detect it on my PC and in the Oculus Rift S app to update the firmware. I can set up the play area boundaries and do the tutorials on the Oculus app but it sometimes crashes when I use the Oculus app for the tutorials.


SteamVR 100% crashes my PC.


I have not overclocked my GPU or CPU. I have used DDU to uninstall my Nvidia drivers and installed the latest one without GeForce Experience. I have done the USB power settings. My Rift S USB connects to the back of my PC instead of a USB hub.


Any ideas for me?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Vince, that's totally what we don't like to hear. Please go ahead and get in contact with Oculus Support. An agent will be happy to assist you with this issue in order to get you back to gaming. see you in VR!

I sent a ticket to request assistance on my oculus rift s, but after 10 days I still haven't had a response. suddenly I had the same problem. my viewer stopped working asking to try to change the usb port or the display port because it is not working. I tried the viewer on 2 other pcs and always gave the same error. doing the test is found an error to the cameras and the screen in the viewer always remains black. my email is and the number of the viewer is 1WMGH520549484

I just sent a zip file of the log to Oculus support. Very disappointed with this situation because I just received the refurbished headset and this happened.