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Oculus Rift S audio issue; possible solution

Level 2

Hey guys, so I have been having an issue with the Rift S and its audio since I got it a month ago, and it would seem a lot of others have had the same issue with not much of a solution. So today I want to tell you about my fun little adventure in Oculus bugs. Well, to start I got my Rift S, super excited! Everything went well I was able to get into Oculus home and play some Beatsaber. But then when I want to voice chat on discord by opening the virtual desktop BAM the tracking goes wonky and the scene moves with my head, the Guardian wall will flicker, and then all audio will die, then everything's back to normal but without audio. It not only happens on virtual desktop, it happens on dash sometimes too. Only solution is to restart my PC.


Now, of course I go all out looking for solutions, messed with drivers and settings, only made it so that after restarting my pc like 3 times the thing will stay stable until after I get off again. I know that my pc can run games wonderfully, I play AAA games daily. This of course is not fun. I am at this point certain it is a driver interference and not my hardware. But after just dealing with this after a month I had an idea. Why not just get another drive, install windows on it, but with only the vital drivers for my system and discord. I did this immediately. Made it so that when I boot up I can select between the "OculusOS" and my original OS. I installed oculus and some games. And guess what, it worked. Not any more stutter and the bugs were gone completely. I know this may sound like a dumb solution but it can be a great solution for some. As I only do small sessions on VR, this works perfectly for me. Hope this might help someone!


My Specs:

Asrock B460M Steel Legend

Intel Core i5-10400F

16gb DDR4 Ram (dual channel, XMP enabled)

MSI AMD RX 570 8gb