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Oculus Rift S crashes

Level 2

Dear Community!

I have been playing Beat Saber on steamVR with the oculus app with an oculus rift s.

Yesterday everything was working fine but I have got an update for the software when I stopped playing. I downloaded and updated it then I stopped the system.

Today I started the oculus and the steam app as usual everything was working fine, the tracking etc. but when I started beat saber I constantly got a notification that it can't track the movement of my headset. It crashed, bugged I got 1fps. Then I restarted the pc, plugged in and out the headset like 10 times. I even tried to reinstall the oculus app and the beatsaber but it's still not good. And the problem appears in my other games too (job sim etc.)

I am thinking that something happeend with the new software update.

Please help me,