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Oculus Rift S crashing on more needing games

Level 2
Hey, I've changed my GPU to GTX 1080 ti from my GTX 1050 ti, I have PSU of 530w, previously on my old card I didn't experienced anything like that, so the problem is while I play half life alyx for example after 20-50 min the game lag and i dont have audio, when the bigger lag occur and i move the oculus crash and I need to restart it so it will work normally. and my question is my PSU too weak so the oculus won't get enough power?, because while playing on PC everything works fine

Level 4

I would think it has more to do with too high a demand on the PCIe lane's power than the overall PSU wattage at 500w. This lane is shared with all the USB 3s as well as other things on the chipset. Could try to bump up to 750w but it may not resolve the issue if it is on the chipset TDP rather than the GPU TDP.

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