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Oculus Rift S "Something went wrong and your device can't track the movement of your headset"

Level 2
I got my Rift s yesterday and it was all working fine for a good part of the day playing steamvr. But now whenever i try to play a game like blade and sorcery i get multiple freezes in my headset and then one of two things happen, either the message in the title appears, my headset black screens and steamvr says that oculus systems has lost its connection to the display then the oculus app it says my controllers aren't connected when they were before. Or the game launches but i get massive amounts of stuttering and my controller's movements aren't tracked but i can still point. Sometimes the game crashes and ive had a couple of occasions where it freezes my pc so i have to restart it.

I really need help with this cause its really doing my head in. I've tried using all the usb 3 slots and display ports on the back of my pc, reinstalling steamvr, reinstalling the oculus software and nothing works. 

If someone can help me i will be forever grateful.

Level 2
I have this exact problem too!! Got my oculus a few days ago, all my Oculus games run perfect but not steamVR!!!

Level 3
Camera settings did it for me.

Hit Windows button
Search for "Settings"
Search "Camera Privacy Settings"
Make sure "Allow Apps to Access your Camera" is On

Interestingly, I had the "Oculus updated, restart required" bug over and over again, and I had to turn OFF that setting to get past that particular error. Then I got the "Something went wrong and can't track" error and had to turn it back on. I laughed out loud.