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Oculus Rift S works but will not stream video from streaming services such as Netflix, Rogers Ignite

Level 2
Hi, Has anyone else run into this issue. I launch my desktop while in home and no stream from the Web Browser but Audio is fine, and it is streaming on the monitor. I thought it might be a HDCP problem, but the same headset works on another computer fine with the same graphics card. The current rig is an Asus Tuff, I7 9700 with a GTX 1660. The one it will run on is an I7 4790 with a GTX 1660. Both current drivers. Any Ideas? I cannot stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, or other streaming services to the headset on the new PC. 

Level 2

I would also like to know if there's an answer to this question as I get the same issue - sound but a black screen on NF and Prime in the Chrome Browser in Virtual Desktop.  Netflix suggests I should be able to install an app from the oculus store.  But there is no such app.

I am using a core i5 3570k with a GTX 1660 Ti and 16gb ram.  My machine is old but certainly no slouch with a stable overclock @ 4.2ghz