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Oculus Rift doesn't connect to HDMI

Level 2

So i just bought an Oculus Rift. Which i was excited about, if i could actually use it. 

First i had this problem of "the only working HDMI port in my pc is the one to my graphics card." Which was fine until, well, i needed another working port for the Headset. So i bought an HDMI Splitter. It works fine, but the Oculus doesn't connect still. I am extremely frustrated. 

I have a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, and i checked the list for supported cards and of course mine is the only one not listed. I did everything i could find online. Updating drivers, restarting multiple programs and my pc itself, still nothing. Am i just not going to be able to use my Rift at all? Any help is appreciated since customer support hasn't responded yet and i just want to know if i ultimately spent tons of money on something i can't use.