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Oculus Rift head tracking speed/rate

Level 2

Greetings All,


I've been using Oculus Rift now for some time. I mostly use it for flight sims, seated with a HOTAS stick/throttle and rudder pedals.

One setting I cannot find is the Head Tracking Rate or Speed. When using TrackIr you can easily change the speed of head movement in the GUI but this doesn't seem to be available in the Oculus software, Steam VR settings or in the simulator settings. My problem is that I have a neck injury, so my head movement is limited and painful, therefore checking six is nearly impossible for me without taking my hands off the controls and moving my whole body out of position. 

Has anyone been able to alter this setting yet?


Level 11
Sounds like a turnable chair is what you need, so you can move your whole body with your feets. 🙂
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