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Oculus rift S first connection don't work

Level 2
rtzzl5hq5c3l.pngHello, i'm having an issue with the connection of my oculus rift S. Just got it today and installed the oculus program but when it ask me to connect the oculus, it keep showing this page and it close itseft and reopen like 7-8 before just closing and the connection didn't work.

Level 2
Same problem here. Tried already repairing oculus software, updated all drivers and bios - no effect.

Level 2
EDIT: I solved the problem without the help from Oculus Support, who didn't answer my ticket yet...
I watched debug console and found out that the oculus software has problems with umlauts in the windows user account's name. So I made a new windows user account without umlauts and it worked.
I see you're from france and I think in your case it's the same issue.