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Oculus rift S unstable crap hardware.

Level 2

my biggest disappointment was when i bought a oculus rift S. never did i anticipate that this would become a paperweight.


I have a very powerful rig with a 3080 card 64 gig of ram. headset running from a USD 3.2 high speed port.

The oculus software keeps on losing the guardian setting. this is damm irritating. every 5 min i have to re setup the guardian.

when i get this to work, then the next problem start.

sensors cannot track headset.


I have formatted the PC, reloaded the oculus software. and it seems that after the last update all this **bleep** started.

If you are looking for a headset, DONT BUY OCULUS rift S.. it is truly a piece of unstable **bleep** hardware.