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Oculus servers are down / can't install or setup

Level 3

The servers are currently down, the only way to know is via forums and comments. 

If you can't connect, just wait, don't wipe or change your drive etc. 

It's best to wait until servers are back.


Level 2

by the time i knew that the problem was from oculus end i had already done a factory reset on my oculus and uninstalled oculus software from pc thinking maybe i should just reinstall it to see if that fixes it

Level 3

An ETA would be nice Oculus. 

Level 2

lol I'm in the middle of doing a clean OS install and my Oculus files were on that drive. just my luck

Level 2

does this affect me installing the software

Yes, if it's the 1st time set up (like me) you can't even install the software, so the headset is useless.. it requires servers to start the install

well then looks like im gonna be waiting a whiles thnxs for the info though