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Optical (WTF?!) USB cable for Rift -S

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So, this just sounds like some utter sales please somebody help me understand.

Either the cable is optical, as in contains fiber optics and transfers data over pulses of light, or it is not.
So what gives.  Is this a "Rift S Optical Cable" (flashy sales product name)  ....Or is this a Rift S (Fiber)optical cable?

1. The cable needs to deliver power to the Rift S.
2. If we're transferring data now over optical instead of USB copper pairs, how in the actual hell is that signal getting converted back from light to electrical?

Is the Oculus Quest "optical" (forgive me, but this sales bull is getting out of hand) cable all copper too?

Or are they fitting the worlds smallest SFP modules inside the insulation?

Edit* If I seem a little upset, its because this is the most expensive usb3/display port combo cable I've ever seen.  Just because it is proprietary.

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Only the data gets converted to light...there's still copper wires carrying the power. And optical cables in general aren't cheap. A 10m Corning cable will run you ~$200 CAD, plus shipping.


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Volunteer Moderator
Active optical USB cables, both existing ones on the market and Oculus' own forthcoming cable optimised for the Quest are discussed on several other threads already.

I'm going to have to start managing threads like this as we're starting to get way too many being opened discussing Link cables and I think it would be super helpful if people can do a quick search of the forum for existing threads and add their comment to the most appropriate rather than start another on the subject.

Sorry but this is the best way to keep useful comments and replies in few places where they can hopefully be found more easilty.

This applies to any other subject please! 🙂

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