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Orange light, blank screen, display not working

Level 2
I recently bought a rift, and I got the setup running and everything was fine until I got to the lens slider part. I put the headset on, and nothing was displayed. I adjusted the sliders and nothing. I looked around the forums, reddit, and nothing worked. The sensors have white lights, the touch controllers work, I don't know why the displays in the headset wouldn't be working. I tried to open VRchat before the setup was done (still on the lens adjustment) and the white turned light and steamvr detected the headset, and said everything was functional, but still the displays were blank. I have given up.

I have a laptop (predator helios 300)
gtx 1060 6gb
core i7 8750HQ
16gb ddr4 ram
all USB ports are 3.0

edit: would hdmi to usb-c work? I don't want to go and buy a converter unless I know it will work

Level 2
I have been having the same issue! Getting a USB-C to HDMI didn't work for me.