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Orange light, no picture in headset. (Not wire or Oculus problem) SOLVED!

Level 3
Hello, everyone.
Problem: Orange light on LED, no picture in headset. After covering sensor, no light at all. Oculus shows that everything is connected and works ok. There is sound in headset, and physics works (you can see picture of VR on PC, by mirror program in Oculus support folder).
I had such a problem suddenly after 6 month of playing without any problems. (Oculus Rift CV1, GTX1060)

- Checked Oculus with all wires on 4 different other PCs, - it's working...
- Checked HDMI connection on my PC with other devices, - working...
- Tried reinstalling different versions of Windows and nVidia drivers,  - didn't help.
- Tried MiniDP -> HDMI adapter (as i have MiniDisplay port), - didn't help.
- Tried HDMI -> HDMI Splitter or "Active adapter" (with additional USB power 5V) - SOLVED.



Level 2
Did you ever get this worked out?  I have the exact same issue and am using the exact same graphics card.  Tried all the things you tried too with no luck.  I opened a ticket with Oculus but it has been over 24 hours and I haven't had a reply yet.

Level 3
Still working perfectly.
Before i buyed that adaptor for 40 euros at simple computer shop, i had oportunity to chek it with my pc and vr right at the place.