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Order stil on Openen

Level 2
So I bought a oculus rift s for now a week ago. If I check "my orders" it says it is still on Openen. There has been no money taken from my bank account. But when will the oculus rift s be sent to me? I have seen that with some people it took 2-5 days, so I am starting to worry about mine. My delivery address is right and email and all to. Why is it taking so long for it to send then?


Level 2
I think that at least atm Quest is more popular, so Oculus is focused on it.
We just have to be patient.

Level 2
Same here, ordered on the 11/07, 8days nothing changed, ppl said that they only charge when its about to be shipped and if you bought like me it said that the delivery date will be 3/08 or if you bought this week 10/08, waiting game...

Level 7
Your order stays on open from 8 to 10 days, Since your order says open, you have one held for you and is just being processed. It will soon change to Processing for Shipping. That will last a few days, Then it will change to shipped. That is when your credit card will be charged. It will be shipped 2 day air. From time of order to actually being shipped is around 2 week unless you live in a Van down by a river protected by guard dogs. Do not worry, All is good, We all go through this same process and have been where you are now. It is all good

Level 2
I know it's a pain in the butt but my order status wasn't changed to processing until after 13days after placing my order. Hang in there, mates!

Level 2
now after 9 days it has finally changed to Processing for Shipping and the money has been taken from my account. so now i just gotta wait for it to ship and arrive.