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Out of sudden crackling audio disturbances!

Level 3

I got a Oculus Rift S a couple of days ago. It worked prefecly for me and I played a couple of hours Half life: Alyx. Out of sudden 
the sound became crackling (like scratches/ dust on old audio records) in the middle of a game sequence. I finished the game and
checked possible root causes for this issue. I didn't changed anything witin my setup.

I fear that it is an connection issue within the internal audio speakers and not an driver/ software issue!




Level 2
I have been getting the same problem last couple days.

Level 3
Frustrating. A brand new Oculus Rift works perfect for 5-6 hours and suddenly these annoying crackles. This is impacting the Alyx game athmosphere. 

Level 3
I restored a backup of my Windows 10 installation and re-installed the Oculus Software and Oculus Rift S device. Crackles are still there. I am pretty sure that the issue is due to bad contacts within the internal speakers. I removed the plug of the internal headset and plugged it in again. Still Crackels! 

Level 3
Update: Out of sudden the issue disappeared again! I played arround with USB audio device drivers for the Rift S and suddenly the crackling sound disppeared! Weired Weired Weired!


Level 2
For those of you still having crackling/distorted audio in Steam VR/Halflife Alyx, here's how I fixed it:

I'm using my Quest Via Virtual Desktop for reference, also using the virtual audio setting in steam VR.

1) Make sure your Oculus Virtual Audio volume is not 100%, mine is at 50%. Change this in windows in the audio settings.

2) THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP: Inside Half-life Alyx (in VR game), go to the audio settings and turn the Master Volume down, mine is at 40%

3) Now control the volume to your desire using the volume buttons on the quest.

After doing this my crackling is completed gone

Level 2

For AMD users only: USB 2.0 audio crackling should be fixed in the next AGESA Update.