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PC Software Build 27.0 Release Notes

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Oculus Link

    • Added a fix to reduce judder across multiple applications including Medium and Quill.
    • Improvements to microphone reliability.
    • Improved recovery flow for GeForce driver hangs on Pascal cards. For more information, visit “Oculus Link isn’t working with my laptop.”

Level 4
  • Added a bug to make sure everybody runs at 72Hz no matter the chosen setting and ignored numerous reports of it before releasing the FW

Level 9

Please address the 72hz bug when using Link.  I sent a feedback form with log many weeks back informing the Oculus PC devs of the issue with v27.



edit - I should clarify I'm still on v26, but ppl have reported the v27 rollout still includes the 72hz bug.

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Facebook has the art of ignoring critical bug reports in the PTC builds down to a science.  If you see a terrible bug in the PTC, it is best to just brace yourself for the inevitable release.

Level 3

So uhhh, you reckon FB/Oculus is even going to acknowledge they went ahead and broke Link for anything beyond 72hz for Quest 2 users with this release in spite of a month of reports from testers telling them it was broken while it was on the PTC?

Level 6

😂I guess PTC is for addressing bugs right? How can the Oculus Link 72hz bug reported by so many users in v27 PTC just released to non-PTC v27 version? If Oculus is not going to fix any bugs why bothering having a PTC version?

Level 4

Imagine bragging about possible 120hz update in spring and than releasing an update that force everyone down to 72hz. You cannot make that **bleep** up.


2/10 worst update ever

Level 4

Did the update to v27 today and don't have problems at all (with link and Quest2).

Also 80/90Hz works as expected and link tests shows USB3/1.8GBit as with v26 (a little less ;-).

Don't forget to let the drivers update!

My Quest 1 updated to v27 a few days ago and my PC updated to v27 today.  Absolutely no problems with my Rift cv1, Quest 1 w/official Link cable, Q1 wireless with Virtual Desktop, or Q1 standalone.  My Q1 is also v27.  Only thing I noticed was that my usb3 (MB 3.2gen2 port) connection speed test now shows 1.2Gbps instead of 1.7Gbps with v26.  This does not seem to make any difference to me, even with high demand flight sims.  Also, I noticed that my link graphics settings for my Q1 are capped at 1.0x.  I have a rtx3090 so I was previously using 1.3x (remember these will be different for the Q2).  Also capped at 72Hz as expected with my Q1.


While I did not see any differences with either my Rift cv1 or Q1 wireless w/VD, I have never seen Link look so good and run so smoothly before.  Still a few compression artifacts, but not really all that noticeable.  If Link keeps on improving maybe I'll be able to finally retire my good old Rift cv1, lol!


I hope others are as 'lucky' with these v27 updates.

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Since you own a Quest 1, you are certainly unaffected by the 72hz bug which prevents the Quest 2 from running at 80 or 90hz due to the V27 headset firmware.


I noticed though that your Quest 1 is limited to a render resolution of 1.0x when before you can set this to 1.3x. This is probably due to the V27 headset firmware. Us Quest 2 owners are also limited to a render resolution of 1.5x when we can set this before to 1.7x on pre-V27 headset firmware.