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PC Software PTC v.28 not works with link Quest2

Level 4

PTC v.28 not connecting with Quest2 link

v.27 v.26  v.25  v.24b v.23 Oculus Home PC works fine (in v.27 72Hz only)

but in new PTC v.28 does not work at all !!!(((((((((((((((((((((((((((


Level 4

==are you suggesting the version of Oculus currently installed on my PC plays no part?==


I  launch oculus games without oculus software PC (Oculus Home)

@chert1024VR wrote: use Oculus Air Link, you also need to have V.28 firmware on your Quest 2.

And for use PTC v28 on PC probably need 28 firmware on Quest2. But I don't know anyone who already has the 28th firmware

@LameDuckWarrior wrote:

I noticed that the more info tab on the download says V27 but in the general tab all the way down at the bottom it says 28. blah blah blah.

real  info need to see in properties of OVRServer_x64.exe

gee thanks🙄

Level 4

This I show oculus library games from VD without Oculus Software

Level 4

PTC28 works if in debugtool don't set 4080 !!! leave "0" as default or "3664"