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PLEASE HELP! Just got a new computer (Drivers installed) and my rift S is experiencing Jittering

Level 2
I just got a new computer today and after setting the vr up, I have some jittering/stuttering in the headset screen. The picture looks fine until I move my head. No matter what direction I move, there are frame drops or something that resembles jitter. 
Computer specs: 
intel i7 9750 6 core cpu
16 gb ddr4 memory
Nvidia GeForce gtx 2060
windows 10
500gb ssd

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager
Make sure your monitor is plugged into the 2060. If you have multiple monitors, try with just one, and don't use any adapters for the Rift S. If issue remains, trying uninstalling the Nvidia drivers, reinstalling them and restarting your system. If you still have issues, please reach out to us at with your Log files. Thanks. - Matt