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Problem with PTC v25 // seems OVRServer and Service are not starting correctly

Level 3
Hi folks,
all worked fine for me on PTC v24 (using PTC, because of FS2020) till auto-update to PTC v25. After the update process it seems to me that the OVRServer process is crashing continuously. This ends up in a loop where the Oculus-App is restarting over and over again. Anyone else got the same problem or a hint where to look for a solution? Rolling back to stable v23 solved the problem - but for me its not a solution because v23 does not work properly with FS2020.

Level 12
Why not try to keep the discussion in one place?
There is a "stickied" thread dedicated to PTC V25...................

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Dear Oculus, If it ain't broke, don't fix it, please.