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Project Cars 2 not work on Core 2.0

Level 2
Project Cars 2 on Stream Ocurus VR mode
The screen will black out and it will be unresponsive
Core i5/48GB/Geforece GTX1080
other title is fine!


Level 7
I've had this problem for a few months too. If I launch Project Cars 2 with Oculus Home running, all I get is a black screen.
Try to launch PCars 2 from Steam with Oculus Home closed, and only after put your headset on, it's the only way I get it to work. Of course, I have to re-center the view while in game, I assigned a button on my wheel to re-center

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Level 15
Ya, some Steam games that work in both VR and non-VR modes do not always like starting from Oculus core 2 home.  In those cases you are better to start them up under steam first and let it open Oculus home by itself (like FFW352 said).  With some programs you need to open your steam library window, right click on the game and ask it to start up in either Oculus or SteamVR.  Otherwise it may start up in non-VR mode.  

Another way it to open Oculus home and select your SteamVR shortcut from either your PC desktop or Oculus core 2 desktop.  This will take you to your SteamVR room and you should be able to select and startup the game from there.  No real Best way to do this.  You kinda just have to experiment to see what works best for you.
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Level 2
Try to launch PCars 2 from Steam with Oculus Home closed.
It working fine!
Thank You!!

Level 14
This is fab :). Don't get me wrong I hope it is fixed but I thought my pc was playing up after just installing 1080ti!.  I am glad I am not the only one with issues . Hopefully will be fixed but if not at least I know how to get around it

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Level 4
None of the tricks here worked for me. What did work was adding to the steam launch options:

-windowed -borderless