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Level 2
GPU: 2060RTX
CPU: i7 7700k
Ram: 16GB
SSD: 1TB Samsung EVO
Cooling: Liquid
OS: Windows 10 PRO lastest build
I have been testing the limitations of the RIFT S and it has been a mixed bag of both amazement and utter disappointment. I hope by listing and explaining some of my issues the devs and possibly others facing the same issues might be able to find fixes or improvements so that we can all build a better and happier community. I'll do my best to give details that anyone can follow along with regardless of user level.

[Issue 1: Video Error]

When gaming for long periods a static or noise will appear briefly that looks similar to what you'd see from a dying HDMI cord. This is an issue reported in several other threads here and seems to be widespread. It doesn't happen often enough to be a true hindrance but it does seem like a symptom of what might be a much larger issue. There is no known fix and the copy-paste response from the oculus support team hasn't yielded any positive results.

[Issue 2: Video Memory]

While watching some VR films such as Wolves In The Walls I would get a crash and a VRAM error that, really doesn't make much sense. While 2060 does have less VRAM than some modern cards in its performance range, these aren't stress-test games and just simple videos.  It was pretty consistent and happened about 4 times out of 10 launches.

As of today, the newest nVidia driver update seems to have fixed the issue and I haven't had out even once out of an additional 10 launches. (I wasted so much time testing this, I have homework due that I am now behind on.. why do I do this)

[Issue 3: Random performance]

Oculus Home and the OVR services, in general, are resources hogs that seem to swing wide in how much they want to slow you down at times. It's pretty easy to observe if you launch the desktop monitor inside of the rift and just watch a detailed task manager view. You're not moving, nothing is really changing, but CPU performance and ram usage will spike for long periods before going back to normal. I have also noticed this accounts for VR game performance to be extremely unpredictable.

Beat Saber will most of the time work at 1.5 SS with 8x MSAA but on occasion, the game will freeze entirely and jerk. Even at the lowest settings, the freezes will occur in the exact same way. Luckily for me, as beat saber is my favorite VR game, this performance issue is not super common and happens probably every 3/8 launches.

Now when it comes to Steam VR even when using something like open composite, let's just say BIG OOOF. You can observe the game is a steady 80 fps through your monitor but the HMD will still freeze breaking immersion and just ruining a good time.

Blade and Sorcery/Standout are the worst offenders of this in terms of standard Rift titles. 80FPS everything running great and bad. freeze and then fine.

[Issue 4: Reloading guns]

The two games I've had this the worst with are Duck Hunt and Standout. Trying to reload in these games is possible but you really have to find a sweet spot. Most of the time it is holding your hand somewhere that feels like it shouldn't work but ends up working great. When trying to cock the shot gun in Duck Hunt my hand usually just pulls away and same for Standout. It's like the controlled is confused on what my hand movement is doing even though my hands are away from the HMD.

Also when it comes to aiming in Duck Hunt I've noticed the gun will sort of, swing. Like if you're looking down the sights you will have your VR hand move off to the right making you miss a shot. I haven't found a consistent sweet spot for this, but given the type of game, it is I'm not super worried about it as it is still perfectly playable.

[issue 5: Controller battery life]

We are going on day 4 of me having the Rift S and I shut everything down after use and even turn my PC off at night. I've probably logged a good 16 hours in total in those 4 days, but I am already getting "Lowe Battery" for the controllers. I bought some rechargeable from Walmart and I'm just hoping the standard batteries are absolute garbage because that's worse than my damn Gameboy color from the '90s. The difference being one let me catch pokemon while the other is just a controller that can vibrate.

If these controllers manage to actually just drain battery life as they seem to from the ones they came with, batteries might actually be kind of costly.


Level 4
the batteries problem is same for me 
the rumble  ( no button to off it ) make the batterie drain fast 

the better rechargeable battery is GP 2700 MAH  , those batterie is powerfull compared to another cheap rechargeable batterie 

for duck hunt tracking, i got the same issue , is too hard to aim with loose tracking  , i have deleted the game 
for fps game the rift s is bad 

this headset and software is a pain and problem 
i return mine 

Level 3
From my experience so far with Rift S the touch controllers batteries are draining  fast! they now last few weeks while with the CV1 lasted months!

Level 15

From my experience so far with Rift S the touch controllers batteries are draining  fast! they now last few weeks while with the CV1 lasted months!

Yeah mine are lasting about a week. CV1 months.
Rift CV1| Rift S| Quest| Reverb G2| Index| Vive Pro 2

Level 3
After the update :  
- Battery drain 0% then 100%  randomly
- Touch controller not recognized randomly
- Headset not recognized randomly
- Juddering on the home screen
- White random flashes
- Home replaced by 3 dots or white zone randomly

Great, really happy