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Received an empty box from Oculus

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My package finally came in today been waiting almost a month for it to ship. Got to the UPS store and got the box, seemed extremely light for a 9-pound shipment, opened it in the store cause I had a feeling something was wrong, opened it to find nothing but a divider inside the box. No one else has had this package besides wherever they ship the product from and UPS, have talked to UPS and have put in a support claim with oculus. Hopefully, this is resolved fast. I have seen multiple people with this same issue and am just wondering if they had their situation resolved and how it was resolved as well.

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Wow how strange...
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This is at least the third instance of this happening that I've seen recently.
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I don't believe any of these posers, I mean posters, lol!
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As stated in previous posts; it is my belief these issues are only occurring with international orders.  And the thefts occur while the packages spend time at each country's customs clearing agency; on the way from Oculus to the buyer.

I recently had an experience in which I ordered some face masks, imprinted with a "political statement" from a company based in Texas.  I then watched for a week as the FedEx order (apparently made in China) made its way to me through customs in China, Japan, and Alaska; before getting to me.  I imagine that any time, whenever my package was inspected, "something bad" could've happened if my "political statement" offended anyone.

Unfortunately, the only recourse is for the buyer(s) to report the tampered packages to Oculus; because Oculus is the one who (hopefully) insured the shipments.

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Might be a good idea not to sign for a package that has close to no weight - otherwise it's a tricky situation trying to convince Oculus that you really got an empty box and didn't just steal the hmd, especially if the carrier has registered normal weight for a package containing a hmd. 

Of course the situation is different if FedEx or whoever delivered the package has registered that the package weighs way too little to contain the Rift-S. 

I know some also claimed to have gotten empty Index boxes from Valve, not sure what happened there or how it got solved.

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Wow ? this needs looked into . Sounds like the ups guys I’d say 

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I just had the same thing happen to me. I had ordered a Right Touch Controller and a Quest Facial Interface and received an empty box as well. I'm working through getting it resolved.

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Why is this suddenly becoming a thing in the past month?

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When it all gets sorted out and you end up getting another VR headset do you get to keep the empty boxes?