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Request to Oculus for additional function for Flying in VR

Level 2

I'd like to make a request with respect to flying when wearing the Oculus Rift S (or any other) VR headset.

Naturally, when wearing the headset, the only way to fly is by memorising the HOTAS (hands-on throttle and stick) locations and functions but there are several cases where it's necessary to select options on your keyboard - and in these situations, you have to remove your headset, mid-flight which is not just inefficient but downright impossible; especially when in combat or flying low-level.

So, I'd like to recommend that Oculus introduce a "hotkey", which you can tie this function to a joystick button which will allow VR to momentarily switch from VR to real-world view; much in the same way when you're setting up the headset, i.e. setting the floor and defining the play area, where you can see the real world but pixelated. 

This momentary switch will give virtual sim pilots a chance to select, the F1 to F12 keys or keys that are assigned to functions because the HOTAS doesn't have any keys, bottoms or knobs left to assign, *without* having to remove the headset.

This is incredibly important to the VR experience and it's an absolute necessity.

Can this function please be introduced for your next update?