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Rift 1.32 Release Notes (Public Test Channel)

Level 15
  • Dash
    • Menu Improvements: Added a new Dash rollover menu. Hover your pointer on the right side of the belt for instant access to volume, Touch status, and to re-center your view.
    • Various performance improvements
  • Oculus Home
    • Embedded Panel Support for Custom Objects: You can now add embedded panels to custom 3D objects for importing to Home. See the User Guide for details.
    • Home Menu: Updated fonts and added new localization options for improved functionality and visuals. 
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Level 12

Digikid1 said:

The release notes are in the OP of this thread. However, there are usually 2 or 3 patches during the PTC period with no new features, just small bug fixes to what has already been announced. Thanks.

Regardless we would ask that Oculus reveal that information with every release and sub release.  It's not too much to ask.

I couldn't agree more.

Something like.............
Oculus: Thanks for your PTC feedback, here is what we fixed in the last patch. Could people experiencing that problem please check to see that the fix works for you.

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Dear Oculus, If it ain't broke, don't fix it, please.

Level 5
Not to be disrespectful, but as a VR enthusiast, while I can understand this is all part of the brand Oculus is trying to build, it's ultimately nothing more than annoying at best, and paranoia inducing at worst

Having all the information you need would be precisely what you would see with something like Steam, for instance,
before a new update.

When all the information is there, it's quite simple.
Instead of having to speak with actions, we can rectify misunderstandings with words.

It otherwise also leaves you in the scenario where people accuse you of something instead of just telling you an idea could be done better.

Point is, what I'd expect is quite simple:

For hotfixes like the one we got for the Oculus Brick apocalypse a while back, getting a hotfix ready and distributing it without bothering with a fancy page for a simple patch would have been the best course of action.

Making an entire web page for a hotfix patch is.. A tad misguided, but I digress.

How little information is held in changelogs reeks of PR shenanigans, and people are catching on pretty quick that any time there is a lot of PR and obfuscation, something is being hidden.

Changelogs are incredibly important, both to the end-user, and to developpers.

On that note, I'll note I have about 5% less CPU used by OVRServer64 when headset is on, so that's nice.

Any word on when we can see the problems with the Oculus Client not fully installing things because of third-party installs, installer failure shenanigans and programs failing to finish downloading midway being fixed?

Because those issues are actually more annoying than any other software I've ever used.

I've neglected downloading games because they won't finish installing or updating, like Echo VR.
I'm starting to neglect buying any games from the store for this reason as well.

Downloading 5 gigs every time the client fails is steep.

Level 12
Also I mean FULL DETAILS and not the shortcut of

”bug fixes and improvements “

Level 15
Vote with your feet for sure but in my case I haven’t seen any problems with 1.32/core 2.

If you really want to see worse/bigger problems try wmr, imho, lol!
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Level 8
Oculus keeps updating to 1.32 5th time now. 

Level 15

nrosko said:

Oculus keeps updating to 1.32 5th time now. 

Probably the official release of 1.32.
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Level 15
Yes, we just starting rolling out live this morning.
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Level 8
ok makes sense. 

I'm still having issues with the mouse cursor in desktop. I think it might be related to using a 4k monitor as if i set my monitor to a lower resolution the problem goes. Anyone else have this issue with a glitchy mouse pointer?