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Rift 1.33 PTC Release Notes

Level 15


  • We've added a new system keyboard to Dash. You can access it by clicking on the keyboard icon at the bottom right of any virtual desktop window.
  • We've updated Dash's background environment with new textures and lighting.


  • You can now report offensive behavior and content within Home. Use the context menu or social panel to initiate a report.
  • We've added a new collection of festive items to celebrate the holidays! *
    • Assets include:
      • Decorations
        • Lodge Sofa
        • Lodge Armchair
        • Antique Sled Table
        • Lodge Rug
        • Rustic Dining Stool
        • Rustic Island
        • Rustic Long Counter
        • Rustic Square Counter
        • Rustic Long Shelf
        • Rustic Short Shelf
        • Rustic Bookcase
        • Comet
        • Cupid
        • Mistletoe
        • Cheerful Centerpiece
        • Winter Wreath
        • Christmas Stockings
        • Regal Buck
        • Snowflake the Snowman
        • Popsicle the Snowpup
        • Menorah
        • Kinara
        • Mkeka
      • Objects
        • Muhindi
        • Unity Cup
        • Gimmel the Dreidel Plushie
        • Christmas Present
        • Tales for the Winter Solstice
        • Cheerful Throw Pillow
        • Joyful Throw Pillow
      • Environment
        • Ceiling Winter Cabin
        • Details Winter Cabin
        • Floor Winter Cabin
        • Wall Winter Cabin
* Objects will be rolling out later this week.
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Level 10
have lodged this by the appropriate tools, but I'm getting Dash crash regularly on me regardless of what app I'm using.. sometime it'll restart after I press "a button", but otherwise it completely crashes out what I'm using and I need to reboot to resolve.
Though you are more than slightly incoherent, I agree with you Madam,
a plum is a terrible thing to do to a nostril.

Level 5
Just had an update. Pointers are now gone.

Level 15

Just had an update. Pointers are now gone.

Yes same here!

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Level 5