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Rift S Audio cuts out in game and sometimes crashes to blackscreen with loud static noise

Level 2
Read above, I have tried pretty much every fix under the sun please help

Level 2
You are not alone ! i have same issues on my rift S. i get these static blackouts that can start anytime either 2 minutes or 45 minutes in a game. i have been in contact with oculus support trying to solve the issue, however since almost 2 weeks they dont reply to any of my emails !!!  i totally dont understand why ? Extremely strange...i guess they are too busy with the Quest 2 ?

Level 2
I posted about this earlier in the week. I had the same problem, got worse and worse until it was crashing every couple of hours. Replaced the cable, no more problems for 3 weeks. Had 1 crash like it a couple of days ago again though.

Level 3
This just started happening to me 3 days ago, did you ever find a way to fix it?