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Rift S, Legion 5 and Icaros Core compatibility. Any ideas how to resolve?

Level 2

I can run all the Icaros apps fine on my Legion 5 and Rift S except their Core app. In this, the focal point for selecting buttons is out of sync vertically with the button registration due to head position. In other words, when your head is in the correct position to highlight the menu button in VR, the focal point is far above it and the button cannot be pressed unless both coincide. I've spoken to Icaros about this and they have been unable to replicate the problem and therefore can't help. Has anyone else experienced anything similar that might point to a resolution?


I'm assuming it's a compatibility issue between the Rift S and the Ryzen 7-4800H/RTX 2060 and if there's any settings that can be changed to see if it will make a difference? Thanks for reading this and any suggestions would be much appreciated


Level 2

Looks like youre the only person on here that has Icaros.  Can I inquire whether you have the Home or Pro version.  I really desire the Pro obviously but is it worth the money? 

Can you share any insights?

Thank you

We have the Home mainly because the Pro is too big and heavy to get up the stairs to the bedroom where we have it and it is so much cheaper than the Pro too. I think for home use there is no need to go to the extent of the Pro as that is designed for constant commercial duty and the build quality of the Home is well up to the job in hand. 


I've been wanting one of these since they initially launched and it took a while to be able to afford the Home never mind the Pro. Using it is completely immersive and feels so natural to fly over mountains, through valleys and swim with whales and turtles. There's a lot of fun to be had with their games. We have Flight that comes as standard with the Home and bought Deep, Aim and Core. Aim is perfect for beginners to Icaros because the learning curve isn't as steep. It's also one of the most enjoyable in any of the 3 play modes and we regularly use it in preference to Flight. The game length choices are very short unless you go for the unlimited option and this is a good thing because adapting your muscles to the new device takes a while and a 2 or 3 minute game is more than long enough before you need a quick break. Once your muscles get used to the demands of the games, multiple game repetitions or using the unlimited option will give you a workout.


Deep is an underwater game and probably our favourite of all of them. It's so realistic a simulation if you've ever done any scuba (as long as you ignore the speed indications and graphic limitations). There's no photo realism but  it does feel like diving and the presence of swimming with Humpbacks or even bigger creatures is amazing. There's caves to explore and rock outcrops to swoop around, creatures to identify and it's really peaceful and relaxing to chill with.


Flight is a steeper learning curve than Icarace which is free with limitations unless you subscribe. In Flight you are in a mountain range and have a choice of negotiating tricky courses with increasing levels of difficulty or shooting alien craft which for us has no appeal. If you can master Flight you'll probably be a champion in Icarace but it's really tricky and therefore unsatisfying.


For the competitive though, Icarace is the place to be. Controlling your craft using pitch and roll (and brakes) over varied courses with speed gates against bots is both challenging and great fun. I've just added the subscription to release the whole choice of tracks and if you ever fancied a realistic immersive way to get into pod racing then this is it. They even have online tournaments you can enter!


If you want exercise specifically, Icalethics will give a real workout but it is mobile/tablet only. You can buy the tablet adapter for the Home but we just stick the device the the Home crossbar and it works fine. We're still finding it sufficient at level 1 and there's 2 more to go yet. If you add the subscription you can do live classes but that is really tailored to Cloud users and there's really no need due to the number of exercises available without paying more.


You asked "is it worth the money?". For us, undoubtedly. We use it regularly to chill with Deep, fly around in Aim, be competitive in Icarace or work out with Icalethics. You don't need to be concerned with the unit wearing out because the build quality is fabulous and you will notice the difference in muscle tone from using it. If you're going to buy one, do get Deep and Aim as well, you'll be glad you did.


If you have any other questions, let me know and I'll do my best to answer them.