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Rift S Sensors not working PLEASE HELP !!

Level 2
My Rift S was on a black screen for a week I finally fixed it but now the controllers cannot be tracked they're on the ground and can move around but I cannot lift them and during guardian setup the see through part is glitched the left lens is see through where as the right is just a black screen with the continue screen and for some reason this causes my see through vision on the left's FOV to increase and makes my arms look long and other things in my room. Anyone know how to fix the sensors? I just got this a month ago and now it seems like this broken hardware will be broken forever.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hey, so sorry to hear that this issue has arisen so soon after resolving the dark screen issue. We're more than happy to look into this with you however, so please click here to submit a ticket and include your Oculus Diagnostics Logs so that we can review the issue. Thanks!