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Rift S USB connection is not working on startup replugin everytime

Level 3
My rift S used to work fine until a couple of months ago. Now I have to unplug and plug it in again every startup (?!) to make the usb work.

I have now bought a pcie USB 3.1 5V3A card and plugged the rift s into this new powered usb port.

But the rift s still says usb connection is not working, and I have to unplug the cables and plug them back in EVERY TIME I start up my computer.

I do not believe this is what oculus said we would have to do when we bought their hardware? And the chance of breaking a usb/display port/cable by doing this is very high now and completely oculus' fault if this does happen.

I have installed the latest oculus drivers.

When I first bought and used the rift s I did not have an issue. It is, therefore, one of their updates that has caused this and is a very serious problem. There are many who have this issue on the forums.

Is there a fix out? I am definitely not going to recommend or consider buying from oculus in the future if this is how they update their hardware.

Level 2
Same problem.

I need help same problem 

Level 2

I have the same problem, any working solution yet.??

Level 2

Same Problem here i tried everything the oculus support recommended but it still happens 😧


but it's really strange i was searching about this problem on google and i found many people with the same problem and i think it is a little odd that oculus still didn't fixed this problem 😞


i mean i have this problem with my Rift S since over 2 years 😧