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Rift S and External USB

Level 3

Hello all,  


     I have a rift S and have been using it in my downstairs game room.  Well now im looking to relocate just the rift to my upstairs room that has a much larger play space.  Ive purchased the necessary wiring and extensions for the display port to go upstairs but i was wondering if it would be easier to just plug the usb 3.0 into a correctly rated wall outlet instead of another run of usb 3.1 extensions which would need to plug into my pc.  I guess my main question is does the rift s use the usb for anything other than power?

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Level 4

I am fairly certain it uses the data connection to interface with the Bluetooth and Audio functions of the PC. It might also use them for controller functions. I don't think it is just using the USB for power, but I am not certain by any means. 

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Level 3

There has to be a lot of bidirectional communication, eg to keep track of the controllers, head orientation etc and that must be using USB. Why not plug it into a wall socket by your computer, to find out?