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Rift S and Rift 1.42 PTC Release Notes

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager
  • We have added a new search feature within the Dash Store tab. This will allow you to more quickly find the games and apps you’re looking for!

  • When you drop into Home for the first time, you’ll now see a new brief overview of the features and potential of Oculus Home.
  • We added a new toggle for automatically launching Home. Switching this setting off will stop Home from auto-launching in scenarios like jumping into VR and exiting out of apps. You can find this option within the Settings > General menu inside Oculus desktop app.
  • We have added a new agreement to the UGC upload process. Before a new UGC item can be uploaded for use, you are required to attest that you own this content and that it does not violate any trademarks.

Once again, apologies for the delay in getting these posted! If you encounter any issues with this software release, please be sure to report them using the Help Center > Provide Feedback option within the Oculus desktop software. If you have any feature requests or suggestions to make the Oculus software even better, please head over to our UserVoice page to share your feedback. Thanks for your continued help!

Level 15
Yay, this update seems to have fixed my no audio message with red x I was getting in Oculus Home. Using a USB mic and have mic in Rift S disabled. Showing all green now, thanks for that Oculus!
Hoping it stays that way anyway.

Edit: Also of note this morning I was working on some cable management and had unplugged both the Rift S display port and usb for a brief amount of time, so don't know if that had anything to do with it, or if was this latest update.
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Level 3
I accepted a request from support today for a return 
 because they thought it takes a long time to solve the problem.
they took 3 mo to get this conclusion.

I sometimes see people who had same problem on rtx2080ti or gtx1080ti.
I hope my log information will be utilized for them.

Level 2
The toggle does not work. when i wanna play a game in steam VR oculus home opens no matter what. ive restarted the app and its up to date. 

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

The toggle does not work. when i wanna play a game in steam VR oculus home opens no matter what. ive restarted the app and its up to date. 

Are you sure you are talking about Oculus Home?
That's the house environment where you add furniture and can do archery and stuff. That's what the disable home option controls.
The Oculus Client is the thing that always starts when you start SteamVR because SteamVR is implemented using the Oculus SDK and effectively runs as an Oculus game.

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