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Rift S and Rift Build 14.0 Release Notes

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager
All of these features and enhancements will become available throughout the week of February 24, 2020.

Oculus Link

  • The Quest microphone has been re-enabled for use with Link.
  • A dedicated Oculus Link button has been added to the Oculus Quest menu bar to make jumping into Link quicker and easier. Similarly, a button was added to the Dash belt that allows you to quickly exit Link when using it.
  • Link audio and microphone volume controls have been added to Dash and the Oculus desktop app.
  • Moving forward, Oculus Link no longer requires that the Quest software and the PC software have matching version numbers. However, the two software versions must be within one version of the other. For example, Link will function when the Quest is on software version 14 and the PC is software version 15 or the PC software is version 14 and the Quest software is version 13. It will not work if Quest is on version 13 and PC is on version 15 or vice versa.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented Oculus Link from working when the resolution had been adjusted with the Oculus Debug Tool.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented Oculus Link from launching when the Link cable was disconnected and reconnected after ending a previous Link session.
  • Additional bug fixes and stability improvements
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Level 2
Will i be able to still buy an rift s or is it discontinued? 

Level 16

Will i be able to still buy an rift s or is it discontinued? 

Yes, just demand is high right now apparently. Or may be affected by Coronavirus.
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Level 2

dburne said:

Will i be able to still buy an rift s or is it discontinued? 

Yes, just demand is high right now apparently. Or may be affected by Coronavirus.

Ah welp i hope i could still have one cuz i aint buying an htc vive thats 999 euros ? and i lo

Level 3
I'm still having trouble with constant stutters. Hopefully the next PTC will bring some relief. 

Level 10

@RattyUK: While I don't have any issues at all with my Rift, we can't deny that the attention of Oculus VR shifted almost 100% towards the Quest and Facebook features. The very last real update we had on PC VR was the introduction of Dash, and that was more than 2 years ago. After that, ALL updates have been about social features (which do require a Facebook account, it's a fact) and Quest features. When it comes to PCVR, improvements were minor, and we got no new features at all.

That said, Link has the potential to be great, so I'm glad that they're focusing on that for now. The problem is we've been hanging on for way too long on the PCVR side. It's retarded that they didn't work on a performance mode that allows to run VR apps with the absolute minimum.

I do think that the concentrated efforts on quest link have been in exclusion to any additional 'development' for PCVR, which is not exactly endearing those of us who are only / mainly interested in PCVR.

The 'social' features when released didn't require facebook and was fine, once the requirement came in I just decided that my social use of the rift would be on multiplayer games, rather than the fun we used to have with Home etc.

RattyUK said:

  • I have no major issues with my Rift S.
  • I don't seem to be having Facebook Stuffed down my throat
  • In general the quality of updates appear to be well executed
Of course, I may just be the exception >:)

You are not the exception but if you research this issue you will find that there is an absolutely massive amount of people who have been unable to reliably use their Rift S since the version 12 driver release in December. Probably 50 posts here about it, even more on Reddit, some developers have even complained, and now Tech websites are publishing articles about it. Read some of the reviews on Amazon in the last couple months. The S is seriously p*ssing people off. Most people have no idea that the problems were introduced through an update, they just assume the hardware is flawed. 

Since I am one of the ones effected I am obviously not a big fan of Oculus anymore and the frequent updates for Quest or for silly additions (avatar features, etc..) are frustrating when they continue to ignore such a huge problem that renders our product useless.

I had issues with the initial release of the Rift S, returned my first one for a refund as sorting the random flashing issue (remember that one!) didn't appear to be a priority.  Since buying a second when a 'fix' was promised I have had no issues on my PC (even with AMD chipset & CPU) and performance has remained pretty much as it ever was.
My Laptop is a different matter and the several iterations of firmware/ software have been 'interesting' although currently all is well again and the DP is being recognised...
I have no doubt a number of people have issues - but the norm is that a noise is only made when someone has an issue, rather than when everything is going fine, so the negative responses always outweigh the positives.  That is typical for our wonderful, entitled, internet age 🙂
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Level 2

dburne said:

Will i be able to still buy an rift s or is it discontinued? 

Yes, just demand is high right now apparently. Or may be affected by Coronavirus.

Ah welp i hope i could still have one cuz i aint buying an htc vive thats 999 euros ? 

Level 16

dburne said:

Will i be able to still buy an rift s or is it discontinued? 

Yes, just demand is high right now apparently. Or may be affected by Coronavirus.

Demand is probably extremely high due to Half Life Alyx - and all the awesome VR games released the last months. And of course the virus situation doesn't help. 

We might see Lone Echo 2 soon too. 

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Level 16
OK, I got my v14 auto-update earlier today.  Seems to have exactly the same problems that I got with v13 and I still need to do the same couple of workarounds, which I will repeat as follows;

1) The Oculus dash/desktop continues to show a lot of black artifacts on both sides of the Desktop panel when I shift my head right/left.  The workaround is to go to the dash/settings/graphics and enable the bottom option VR panel rendering.  This fixes this and looking at task manager it does not seem to have any effect on my cpu/gpu % usages.  BTW, the top option to enable AA still does not seem to make anything clearer for me.  However it does double my gpu % usage.  So for now I just disable it.

2) X Plane 11 once again has the good old pre v1.36 shutdown bug (hangs on exit) again and I need to use task manager to kill it.  The workaround for me is to startup xp11 from the Oculus dash/desktop, selecting its shortcut.  When I want to exit I just pause xp11, then press the Oculus button.  This brings up the usual reset view/exit app panel (with the dash/desktop panel in the background).  Minimise the Oculus reseat/exit app panel and use your mouse to select task manager (I have it pinned to my bottom task bar) and right click on xp11/end task.  This kills the program and lets me continue on without the need to remove my headset.  Not very elegant, but at least it seems to work ok.

I actually have my Vive Pro working very well now and it does not have this X Plane 11 shutdown bug.  So now I'll probably stop using my Rift cv1 and just use my Vive Pro with XP11.

Overall, the performance of all the Oculus Store and Steam games I've tried so far seems to be about the same as v13.  Still not quite as good as v1.38/1.39 imho, but not too bad.  At least for me with my Rift cv1 w/2x sensors v14 hasn't Bricked it, lol!

Edit; I do not have ACC but Assetto Corsa (original version) seems to work perfectly fine for me.

Overall, another pretty disappointing update.  I think these updates have been going downhill since v12. 
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Id like to see what other people are seeing FPS wise in other Unreal Engine games, I dont think the performance issue is specific to ACC. It hard though as unless you always monitor the frame rate then it could be hard to tell. People could just see it as "runs fine" but their head room has dropped by 30%... 

I have my FPS counter in ACC on all the time so the fall was very obvious. One day it was 80 and the next after update it wont budge from 40
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Level 3

TomCgcmfc said:

So, nothing in this for Rift S or cv1 users?

Thought they would have put a fix for the usb problem where you have to unplug the usb when closing down and replug in when restart the pc. On going with me hope a result soon.