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Rift S and Rift Build 14.0 Release Notes

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager
All of these features and enhancements will become available throughout the week of February 24, 2020.

Oculus Link

  • The Quest microphone has been re-enabled for use with Link.
  • A dedicated Oculus Link button has been added to the Oculus Quest menu bar to make jumping into Link quicker and easier. Similarly, a button was added to the Dash belt that allows you to quickly exit Link when using it.
  • Link audio and microphone volume controls have been added to Dash and the Oculus desktop app.
  • Moving forward, Oculus Link no longer requires that the Quest software and the PC software have matching version numbers. However, the two software versions must be within one version of the other. For example, Link will function when the Quest is on software version 14 and the PC is software version 15 or the PC software is version 14 and the Quest software is version 13. It will not work if Quest is on version 13 and PC is on version 15 or vice versa.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented Oculus Link from working when the resolution had been adjusted with the Oculus Debug Tool.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented Oculus Link from launching when the Link cable was disconnected and reconnected after ending a previous Link session.
  • Additional bug fixes and stability improvements
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Level 5
well sending my rift s back as come to a halt with me having to self isolate in the uk with being in the at risk catagory but they said they will put my return on hold until im in the clear, yeah i could take the risk and wear a mask and whatever messures but id rather play it safe

Level 2
Still waiting for hand tracking on the Rift S. Seems as though the S is being forgotten

Level 7

dburne said:

Yeah I guess Stormland and Asgard's wrath was all geared toward FB social media...
Uh huh.
I guess implementing Oculus Link with Quest to be able to connect to PC for better gaming experience with the Quest, was all geared toward Social Media/FB.
Uh huh...

1) They were created well in advance of the start of the new strategy = making money with our personal information exclusively now. And above all resell them to anyone and no matter what use will be made of them.

2) Yes, the effort is made to improve the connections and the use of the Quest with a single objective: facebook and its forced use.


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Level 8
The day a facebook login is required to use my Oculus equipment, is they day I sell them and go exclusively SteamVR.