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Rift S controller issues

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My right controller shows the analog being pressed to the top left corner so naturally my games constantly spin. You could imagine after spending 400 on a VR, over 200 on new VR only games, and over 2500 on my PC you could see my frustration. Anyone else experience a complete lack of help from their customer service? I have needed a controller to be warrantied for well over 5 months now and they always give me the run around. They need this info or that and when i give it to them I either dont get a response or get told to look for a solution in the forums page so here i am. My warranty is going to expire in 1 month 1 week so i am trying as hard as i can to get this company to do the right thing. Batteries have been replaced 10 plus times not exaggerating. I have repaired Oculus software, I have down right uninstalled EVERY piece of Oculus software and reinstalled and still same controller issues. Oh and there is no customer service phone number so you cant actually talk to someone. Seems by design. I have sent them the "DAY ONE" page info they asked for in my oculus info file, my room conditions are perfect for play, it used to work perfect. They seem to believe their products dont malfunction. If i dont get taken care of I will never buy a game from their store or a piece of hardware again. 

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
I have a little test program available at that can be used to check values from Oculus devices.
Using it, you can see exactly how the thumbsticks are responding (if they are stuck at exactly the corner, or they have a small amount of movement, or just aren't centred correctly).
It won't fix anything, but it might help explain to support what is happening (and test all the other buttons/triggers).

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