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Rift S controllers not detecting up

Level 2

ive been using my rift s for a while, and recently my left controller joystick seems to stop detecting upwards movement sometimes. sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't. if I hold it in a specific orientation, it does detect it moving forward for a second or two but then will stop detecting the joystick movement again. sometimes even, moving the controller up will output down, it seems to very inconsistent a lot of the time


the diagram below shows what I mean. the red dots and arrows for the first six circles show the output of the controllers, while the circles above them show the real-life joystick orientation. the dot means there is no output. the last circle shows the "deadzone" of the controllers, or at least how i feel it



anything i can do about this? ive already contacted oculus support a few days ago and am still waiting for a response. anything that could be helpful is appreciated