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Rift S initiated setup while in-game

Level 2
I'm getting super frustrated with Oculus' software recently. I primarily use my Rift S for racing simulators, especially iRacing. First, I had a low battery warning kick me out of iRacing mid-game, which ruined my race obviously. I made a thread on this and I've also seen another thread of users complaning of the same problem. 

Tonight, I had another race-ending issue caused by Oculus' stupid software. Mid-race, my Rift S decided to initiate the headset setup procedure for absolutely no reason. One second I was in iRacing and the next second I was being asked to define my play area - despite using the Rift S for about a month now. This is absolutely maddening. Oculus, you guys need to fix these issues with the Oculus software completely interrupting games as it completely ruins the user experience. I used to be a huge advocate for Oculus for people looking to get into VR, but I am not sure about that anymore as I can't really recommend a headset with an F-tier user experience.