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Rift S is not good

Level 3
hello, my Rift s arrived 2 weeks ago but ever since then ive had sooooo many of problems what are:

-every time I open the app I have to replug every cable for the headset
-audio is awful and has no bass
-today and yesterday and other times I couldn't even start the headset and it wouldn't work just a black screen with not even the light on but the software shows it is
- hands spaz out
- nearly every session I have with it I get a video glitch where it's just the same picture where ever I look so I need to restart
-steam VR doesn't pick up the controllers
-Controllers keep disconnecting and run out of battery after 2h
-no hand tracking even though you can do it

anyway I think overall this headset might be defective but I bet you they won't send me a new one just try to make me buy a quest and I can also say for the quest:
-massive light hole
-VERY uncomfortable
-just have to redo the guardian boundary every time I exit a game

So maybe oculus, stop trying to add useless hand tracking and fix your headsets.

Level 2
I had a lot of problems with the usb connections in my pc, have 6 usb 3.0 and 4 usb 3.1 connectors, and in all of them, there were problems with the headset, i have a usb-c connector, so i got an adapter from usb-a to usb-c and worked fine, no more problems with not detecting the connection or no video, seems that rift s doesn't like the normal usb ports..? Hope this can help somebody else 🙂