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Rift S not connecting

Level 2

So I've been having this problem for months now. I've been playing on my Rift S but about 5 months ago my headset wasn't connecting so i decided to reinstall the oculus app but when it gets the the part where it checks for a display port and usb port, they both say neither are plugged in even though they are. The weird part is when I go to my device manager, it shows that they are plugged in and my microphone for my rift s is still an option. I can't seem to skip this step because it still won't let me play games on it. Is there possibly a problem with the wiring or is there a driver i need to update?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey dixydust! We see you're having an issue with you display port and we want to help. As you suggested, we recommend updating your drivers. Click here for the instructions to update your drivers. 


If you experience the same issue once your drivers have been updated, we recommend a factory reset on your device. Click here for the instructions to factory reset your headset. While the instructions in this link specify Quest and Quest 2, these same steps will work with the Rift S. 


If you still need help once you've done this, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. You can send us an email or chat will a live member of our Oculus Support team by clicking here. We are happy to help.