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Rift S only using sensors during setup?

Level 2

My Rift S does not work and has the amber light on 24/7 whenever it is plugged in. The amber light will not go away even while wearing the headset and shows the 3 loading dots. The yellow light will only go away and be replaced by the white light as soon as I press "Device setup" and it will go perfectly fine and say the sensors are detected but as soon as I exit the setup it will go back to the amber light. 


Level 4

That's because the amber light means it's on standby. Their software doesn't allow you to shut the thing off completely. For that, you need to Use Oculus Tray Tool or a script to kill the process, then the amber light goes off. The only reason I do this is because any bump turns my controllers back on and kills the battery. 

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