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Rift S showing as "No audio" ... Except it does

Level 2

for the past month or so whenever I use my Rift S it shows up in oculus app / oculus's dash as having "no audio". However it does have audio and it's working just fine. I can set the audio volume using windows's mixer with no problems whatsoever. But because oculus has decided "no no no this headset has no audio" it won't show me the volume slider on the dash and this is kinda annoying.
Changing the usb port usually fixes the issue but the problem reappears upon restarting the computer....

Anyone else ever had similar issues ?


Level 4

Not this issue, but their software is buggy as hell. Hopefully, it will be resolved in an update at some point.

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Level 2

Nope, I didn't solve it.
Also, an update for the rift S ? AHAHAHAH ... ahahah ... ah ah ah ..... Yeah it's not gonna happen, oculus entirely gave up on the rift s by now