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Rift S touch controllers flickering again

Level 4
For a day or two now, presumably since the latest update, my touch controllers have started flickering in-game, but not all the time. The Oculus menu is fine but as soon as Home loads, one or other of the touch controllers will start flickering and vibrating at a fairly constant rate. It usually seems to be the right controller but it sometimes switches to the left one. I haven't been able to work out what provokes it to switch over. When it flickers, the background is visible through the controller. I've tried new batteries and tried removing them for a few minutes. When I had this problem a couple of months ago I fixed it by opting into the beta channel but I guess the poor code has caught up with me. Opting in and out of the beta channel makes no difference, nor does a full uninstall/reinstall. Again, the oculus menu is fine and the hands are visible. It's only when Home (or almost any game - Google Earth VR is fine for some reason) loads that the problems become apparent.

I see I'm not totally alone but has anyone identified a solution?
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Level 2
I have exactly the same issue since last update of the oculus software as soon as i get out of the oculus menu the controllers flick for a fraction of second like it is out of bound and come back to is real location after. in steamvr when you use the paint gun it paint infinite line to the bottom center of the play area. i tried the basic kinda magic repair guide that everyone does and this time nothing is working need help!

Level 4
Yep having the same issue here, Constant flickering since the new 18.0 Update : / Hopefully someone finds a fix or they roll out a patch for it

Level 3
It's so bad for me I can't play any game at all, and I messed up everything in my Oculus home! 😞

Level 3
Since the update to version 19 I have this same issue, can't play games because of it. I've recorded an example of what happens see :

Level 3
Same here, I can't play anything while it's like this!

Level 2
That's exactly what is happening to me. I'm waiting for the fix

Level 2
This has happened to me too, just got a new Startek card to get rid of issues with blackscreen and now one of the hands is flickering and not tracking correctly, switches hands, one hand will always work ok and the other flickers. Works 100% perfect in the home screen. WTF! I'm so fed up with this piece of junk I wish I never bought it now.

Level 4
Just Posted same question. It is something in the Oculus Home that is causing issue.. 

Level 3
I am also getting this too! I tried almost everything. Should I try to clear the Oculus cache or re-install Oculus?