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Rift S with Alienware M15 R6

Level 2

Hi everyone, 

Looking for a little advice/guidance. 

I have recently purchased the M15 R6 with RTX 3070 and have tried to connect my Rift S to it. 

It has a Thunderbolt 4 port which according to the specs that I read, is to be used as a DP, which can be linked to 4K/8K dual monitors etc. 

I (clearly wrongly) assumed this would be fine to use with my Rift S with a DP (female) to USB-C (male) adapter. I connected it all up, and the laptop makes the "new device connected" noise, quickly followed by the "device disconnected" noise. 

I've had a look a the PhysX configuration and it seems like the RTX 3070 is connected to the HDMI port (see photo 1). 

The set up for the Rift S also suggests I may need a DP to HDMI adapter (see photo 2). However, I have read lots of posts on the forums that state the Rift S wont work with a DP to HDMI it appears to be very difficult to find a DP (female) to HDMI (male) adapter. 


Does anyone have any ideas, or has anyone found a solution to this that doesn't involved sending the laptop back....?


Thanks in advance. 




Level 2

Have you solved your problem? I've bought a few dp to usb c adapters, but none worked. I'm plannig on buying a oficial Dell adapter, but it`s not that cheap. I wanted to know if the usb-c port on the m15 r6 is connected to the discreat graphics card or only to the intel gpu. Thank you.