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Rift keeps crashing momentarily then comes back up with logo and I lose microphone

Level 2
Have the oculus rift and for the longest time no problems then recently maybe less than a month I started getting this problem. While in the middle of any game (alt space , 11 table tennis) The screen will go black and for about 10 seconds then the oculus logo comes up and Im back but I lose microphone. I replaced the oculus cable so I dont think its that. I have a intel i7 and GTX1080 and 16g ram. I dont think its a PC thing. I did a benchmark at high specs and it ran fine. Im wondering if anybody has seen this particular behavior. As mentioned its not the cable coming undone. I stand still and it starts back up and logo comes up.


Level 2
I also noticed on the mirroring the screen wobbles, freezes and comes back to normal at the same time as the headset displays logo

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Luke, that's
unusual. Please try reinstalling your USB drivers and try different
USB 3.0 with your headset. If you're using any kind of adapters or
extender cables with your Rift, try connecting directly to your PC.
Try moving the cable near the headset and see if causes any change.
If it does, it may indicate an issue with the port on the headset. Also, try disconnecting any other USB device except your Rift hardware and keyboard/mouse. Please create a support ticket at so we
can look into this for you. Thanks! -Rick