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Rift s guardian system for a wheelchair user

Level 4
Having trouble setting the correct height for rift s. Im in a wheelchair and you can only set height by touching the floor with controler but this makes me at a sitting down hight in all the oculus games. On the original rift you could fake your height so even if you are sitting down you could just type in that your 6 feet or simething and you would be at the right hight inside the game even if you were only sitting. Now im stuck just playing steam vr games because in steam vr you can just type in a fake hight your not forced to hold controler on the floor to set hight. Oculus needs to add back an option to just type in a hight especialy for people who cant stand, this is rediculous. Its basicaly forcing u to stand for every game. Please sort this out or im stuck just playing steam vr. 

Level 2
I cant believe that no one from Oculus has acknowledged this issue or responded. I can only play VR while sitting down, since I can't stand for more than a few minutes and there is no way for me to setup my Rift S so that I will look like I was standing even though I am sitting. This is a major oversight on their part. Please allow us to set the height like we used to on the OG Rift. I dont' understand why they removed it. Is a step in the wrong direction of accessibility.

Level 7
+1 on this. 

My daughter is in a wheelchair, and when she uses my Rift, (When I let her! 🙂 ), she is always too low to the ground. Definately a step backwords in gaining user acceptance for this medium.
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Level 3
I've been wondering why I'm so short in Oculus home these days. This makes perfect sense as to why ... and it should be addressed. 

Level 3
Guess they did get this to work yet..
Guardian setup will now attempt to automatically detect the floor height
for you. You can still manually adjust the height if needed.

Level 2
I'm having the same problem and I see it's been a year and this has still not been addressed?  Come on guys! I just bought the Rift S and this has not even been addressed as a problem for a year?  This isn't a small thing either, i'm sure there is a relatively large percentage of disabled players out there.

Level 7
From what I can tell the parameters for the guardian setup are stored in txt documents which you can find in the c:\Users\(computer name)\AppData\Local\Oculus directory.  The files are named, GuardianBoundary and then the date they were set. Inside there are settings for origin position and player height. Close the Oculus service first and then experiment changing those numbers and reloading Oculus to see if it has any effect. Make sure you work from the file with the most recent date. It might not work but its safe to do because you can always just do the guardian setup again through the software and it will just create a new file.

Other than that Steam is the only viable option. You should also check out WalkinVR which is free and is specifically made for people with disabilities. It does more than just let you set a custom height, it lets you setup buttons to perform actions. For example you can set it so that while seated it treats you like you are standing. Hit a specified button and your virtual body will crouch down to sitting height. Hit a different button and you will go prone lying on the floor. 

Or you can set it where you are actually seated and use a button to simulate you standing up from your chair. 

I use WalkinVr for certain games with my kid. I make him taller and also give him a button to make himself really tall if there is anything too high for him to reach.
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