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Rift s hand-tracking

Level 2

Will the rift s ever get hand tracking and more support? The quest has always been at the center of attention while the rift s which is connected to a pc and achieve so much more yet it gets nothing. No updates. No new features like the quest 2 and even the first quest. Like the quest 2 recently got a new phone notification update. Why can't we have that? This headset literally came out in 2019 and since it was released we didn't get a single new feature while the quest got everything. The way facebook treats its products is like a middle child relationship or when you were born. Wish the rift s just gets a little bit more features like the quest especially hand-tracking and atleast give us phone notifications for gods sake.


Level 2

I feel the same way. Rift users are the redheaded step children of Oculus. Sales must have been a whole lot higher for the Quest, why they discontinued the Rift. 

In a word, no. There will be no further enhancements on Rift S. When Facebook drop a product, they drop it completely.