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[SOLVED] Maddening Rift S blackouts

Level 2
I have had a Rift S for two weeks.  Gradually it started to "black out" where my visual field would go completely blank for a a few seconds, then come back, and repeat until reboot.  Sometimes it would start to blackout again before I could even load into anything.

1.  I have an I7 processor and a Radeon RTX 5700
2.  I have reseated the cables USB first
3.  Made sure my MSI mobo and Radeon were fully up to date.
3.  Disabled all USB power management
3.  Completely reinstalled the unit
4.  Opted into the test category
5.  Bought a powered hub and ran almost everything off of that with only the rift on my rear USB 3s
6.  Moved the display port around.
7.  Moved the USB ports around
8.  Reseated the cable on the headset side.

Sometimes the problem hits me immediately.  Sometimes it happens after 20 minutes.  It can happen in a Steam VR game and even in Oculus home.  I have a silicone cover to protect the padding from sweat.

Now it gets nuts....

The craziest thing is that my girlfriend can play and not have these issues.  I observed her for a bit and she plays without her glasses and is about 4 inches taller than I am.  Homing in on this we have glasses, height (I am 5' 8"), and possibly body heat as I am warmer-natured and fog a bit.  I also tend to play more strenuous games than she does.  She is generally on VRchat and I play things like Until you Fall, Saints and Sinners, etc.

I set the depth button so the goggles were out as far as they could go and adjusted the straps.  I am on a hectic level in Arizona Sunshine: The Damned and sure enough after about 5 minutes the goggles started blacking out again.  There is nothing like going blind while you are being attacked by zombies.  Ironically the same basic problems happen in Saints and Sinners.

Is there a sensor inside the mask that can get fogged over?  I don't have a metal plate in my head that picks up overseas radio I don't think I am jamming the headset.  I am almost to "tinfoil hat" time.  Any suggestions beyond what I have already tried?  I think I am going to run a fan directly on me and see if it changes anything.


Level 2
(REALLY?  You won't believe this.)

So I got the idea to play with no glasses myself.  Again...crazysauce.  But IT WORKED!  However I had no chance of being able to game normally that way.  I am rather blind without them.  So I got to thinking.  I have these nice brand new fancy glasses.  Brighter colored....and wait.  They have UV block and Blue filtering.  I grabbed my old glasses and put them on.  I just finished the Arizona Sunshine DLC.

It would appear that my fancy new glasses were jamming my Rift S some how.  Or at least reflecting heat back at them.  Funny that adjusting the depth didn't work.  If you have this problem crop up as a glasses user...give it a whirl.  I tried so many other solutions I found out there.  I hope I am able to help some poor soul out there get back to smashing Zombies.

There is a sensor inside the headset between the eyes, that tells the headset if it's being worn. If you put your finger on it you will see the lenses light up as though you were wearing them. If your face is too far away from it, it may be shutting off. This might be your problem.