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Screenshot storage

Level 4

Please excuse me if this topic has been covered, I searched on "screenshot storage" but the results were no help. I am asking where do I find the screenshots I take on my Quest2 when I am connected to the PC by either my Oculus cable or the Air connection method to get the Rift S Library. Where do I find the screenshots I take then?


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager


Hey Lightkeeper79! We see you're trying to access the screenshots you've taken on your Quest 2. When linked, screenshots go to the Pictures/Screenshots folder on your PC. Be sure to check there. Thanks for reaching out!

Hi, I came here with a slightly different question. All my screenshots are saving to my Desktop, and I don't know why.


Where is the settings to edit the path?


If it makes any difference, I normally use Virtual Desktop to connect to Steam VR and play my Steam VR games. But I am using the Quest 2 to take the screenshot (hey facebook.. take screenshot" cause I can never remember the key combo, so these screenshots are triggered from the Quest itself.